Retrofitting - economically viable

We will completely disassemble your machine, all components thoroughly inspected and evaluated. All machine ways will be machined, ground or hand scraped to precision alignment. Used components will be repaired or replaced. Upon completion of the rebuild, we will perform testing of all machine functions.
What we do

Rebuilding your worn-out machinery is an economically viable solution for restoring your equipment
Machine Rebuild

Retrofitting your worn-out machinery is an economically viable solution for restoring your equipment to like-new condition without the added cost of purchasing a brand new unit. A rebuilt machine performs equally as well as a new one at a fraction of the price. Restore your productivity and increase your profits with a much-needed rebuild.
Productivity increasing

Retrofitting a machine equipped with an old or non-existent CNC or PLC control can increase your productivity. Incorporating automation into a manual machine can reduce the time it takes your employees to finish a part, which lowers cost per part and increases daily production. It also increases precision, which in turn equals better products.
Types of machines

We can rebuild nearly every type and brand of machine tool you may have, including, but not limited to vertical lathes, horizontal lathes, table, and floor type borers, mills, planer-millers, grinders, presses, drills, machining centers, gear machines, etc.
Employee skills

Our employees possess many skills important to revitalizing used machinery or mechanical processing. These skills include, but are not limited to: hand scrapers, mechanical technicians, hydraulic personnel, electricians, electronic technicians, etc.
Customer drawings

According to the customer’s specifications, MUS IMPEX makes mechanical components of small average and big dimensions obtained from various materials, from the small series to medium production. The firm is able to furnish a complete product including thermal and surface treatments and to proceed in assembling work.

The MUS IMPEX has always understood to furnish the customer's products and services of the best quality. The company has all the measuring and controlling devices for verifying the quality of the execution of machining workpieces.
Retrofits range

Retrofits can range from the addition of a simple digital readout (DRO) system or installation of a complete CNC automation system. We incorporate products from companies including, but not limited to: Siemens, GE Fanuc, Heidenhain, Fagor and others.

We also warranty every machine that we rebuild. This warranty includes all labor and expenses. Purchased materials are warranted to the customer as they are warranted to us by the supplier. Our warranty assumes reasonable and proper use and maintenance by the customer.

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